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Our Process

Authentic recipes, better-for-you
Traditional aguas frescas are made with up to 79 grams of added sugar per serving. We highlight the natural sweetness of fruit without adding any sugar. We maintain the sweetness by sourcing fresh, ripe fruit and sometimes adding spices to maintain the authentic flavor profiles, without any added guilt. 


Rescued produce
30% of of all produce grown in the United States goes directly to landfill because it's not "perfect" - which means it's either slightly too big, too small, or not the right shape. However, it's perfectly good and doesn't deserve to be trashed!

That’s where we come in. We rescue that produce that would otherwise go straight to the landfill, juice it, freeze it in its most concentrated form, and then mix them into our aguas frescas. Our goal is to always rescue as much as we can, and currently we average around 1 pound per can saved! So drink up - every can is good for you and the planet.


1% back
We donate 1% back from every purchase into mission-aligned non profit partners. 

Check out some of our favorites here:

Farmworker Justice

Justice for Migrant Women

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