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Hey! You're holding our watermelon chile agua fresca. It's made with 100% real fruit, no added sugar, and is the perfect blend of sweet & spicy.

Keep scrolling to see the specifics 👇🏽

"This tastes like eating freshly cut watermelon slices dipped in Tajin! Obsessed with this flavor, I drink at least one a day."

- Rachel K.

Shake me!

I am NOT sparkling.

(But I have been told
I have a sparkly
personality ✨)

Why agua bonita?

✓ Upcycled produce

✓ No artificial ingredients

✓ No chemical sweeteners

✓ No added sugar

✓ Low calorie

✓ Eco-friendly packaging

✓ Women owned

✓ Culturally authentic

✓ It's freaking delicious

We started agua bonita because we wanted a healthy, convenient version of a cultural staple - with real fruit and no added sugar.

It didn't exist, so we made it ourselves.

- Kayla & Erin

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