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Hola! We're Kayla & Erin.

We found ourselves in July 2020 trapped inside, with lost jobs due to Covid, and 3 little ones between the two of us.


After a decade working with beverages, we weren’t ready to leave the industry, but we felt compelled to take everything we’d learned and create something new and better.


Aguas frescas were the answer. A cultural staple dear to our hearts, and yet shockingly missing from the market in a modern, approachable way. We wanted a version made with real fruit and no added sugar, but it didn’t exist - so we set out to make it ourselves.


Inspired by perfectly delicious, fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste, and fueled by a passion to create something culturally authentic, beautiful, and better for consumers and the planet, Agua Bonita was born.


At our core, we believe in the power of authenticity: we want to be 100% real, all the time – in our ingredients, in what we do, and who we are.


Being a Latina-led business means having both the privilege and responsibility of letting our culture guide the way we conduct business — from our sourcing practices, to our product, to our partners. Our life experiences are represented by our business.


Together, we plan to bring the benefits of real, fresh produce to your door - anywhere you live, in a pretty can.



Kayla grew up in central California, where the majority of the nation's produce is grown. She was the first generation of her family who didn't have to pick fruit in the fields. Growing up, her grandfather would bring home fruit and create delicious aguas frescas for every occasion. Now, as an adult, she wants to create the same delicious blends for everyone.

Erin grew up in Southern California. Her dad was adopted from Mexico as a child. As an adult, Erin tracked down and met her Mexican relatives for the first time. She's on a mission to learn more about her heritage, while simultaneously creating a beverage healthy enough to drink all day, every day - and give to her own child!

If you ever have any questions, thoughts, or just want to say hey, email us! We're real people and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Reach out to Kayla at for sales, marketing and PR inquiries.

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